About Just Fair


Welcome to Just Fair

– Making Supply Chains Transparent Everywhere

Just Fair is an electronic service provider specialized in delivering sustainable business management software, product traceability, and digital customer communication to the food manufacturing industry.

Just Fair is a leading supplier of electronic traceability systems which enables importers to trace their imported products all the way back to the producers, workers, and farmers in developing countries – making the entire supply chain transparent. For consumers buying sustainable products, the Just Fair Traceability Platform provides knowledge and information about the origin of the products; such as where the products were grown, the farmers, and the people who benefit from the sustainable purchase made by the consumers. The entire value chain becomes transparent through the Just Fair Traceability Platform.

Our Vision

Just Fair´s main goal is to eradicate poverty. This is an ambitious target and we know it. We also know that this cannot be done in a day, a week, or a year.  But we believe that we still have to work hard to turn our dreams into reality. We see sustainable trade as an important tool in fighting poverty. We believe that sustainable production can help motivate producers to work even harder in their efforts to achieve a better life.

Our Core Values

Deliver business management systems for primary producers of food products
Deliver overview, traceability, and trustworthiness through the entire supply chain
Deliver relevant information to consumers to help them make informed choices
Promote sales of products with a good origin, products that make a difference, products that have a story and a soul

Our Mission

To supply the Just Fair Traceability Platform to primary producers of food products
To empower the stakeholders to deliver relevant, authentic, and timely information about the product, the producer, and the region of origin to all stakeholders in the value chain
To empower small hold producers by making new markets available for their products – bridging the gap
Build capacity in the cooperative sector within the areas of traceability, IT, and trade