My Own Coffee Estate

Coffee Wet Mill - Kenya

My Own Coffee Estate is the future in local production. In times where consumers are becoming more and more concerned with traceability and transparency of the food products they consume, the ideas and values behind small scale and local production have increased in popularity. But what do you do, if you want to have locally produced coffee while living in Northern Europe? The answer is “My Own Coffee Estate”.

My Own Coffee Estate enables you to lease a coffee farm at a yearly fixed price. This brings local production to the next level as it is no longer a farm near you, producing the coffee – it is your own farm.

My Own Coffee Estate is the perfect solution for cafés, restaurants and hotels wanting to make the coffee they sell more personal. By leasing a coffee farm you will get weekly updates on the progress of your trees and the work that is carried out on your farm. At the end of the year the produce from your farm will be milled and processed in the country of origin before being exported to our roasters in Europe. At the roaster the coffee will be roasted according to your preferences and packed in unique bags with your labels on them.

What is included in the price: 

  • One year ownership of the farm’s coffee trees and their produce from that season.
  • A production insurance which guarantees you a minimum amount of coffee based on the farm’s average production.
  • Implementation and hosting of a CMS system through which the farmer can provide weekly updates from the farm.
  • Full traceability and quality management reports.
  • Product processing (primary and secondary processing) in the country of origin.
  • Product roasting by Peter Larsen Coffee in Denmark.
  • Packaging in unique coffee bags with your own labels on the front.
  • Marketing kit with designs and material to communicate the message about your farm to your costumers.