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Better Management


Just Fair is an electronic serve provider specialized in delivering sustainable business management software, product traceability, and digital customer communication to the food manufacturing industry. We deliver an electronic platform that provides your company with instantaneous access to critical information which enables you to have a complete and up-to-the-minute view of your entire business, at all times.

We customize the platform to your specific needs and implement it directly at your facilities. The platform is Internet enabled, and all information is available for you to access wherever you are. The Just Fair platform enables you to manage your food production more efficiently, respond to your customers faster, increase your export specifically to Europe and the United States, and grow your business more profitably.


Pictures of the spanish version of our platform which is implemented at more than 13.000 producers in Central America.


More Profit


The Just Fair platform has been developed in a partnership with Sara Lee, the biggest retail chain in Denmark as well as Cafenica, the biggest organization of coffee cooperatives in Nicaragua.

The platform has already been implemented at 13.000 coffee, honey and cacao producers in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, and is currently being adapted to East African standards in partnership with KCCE, the biggest union of coffee cooperatives in Kenya.

With the Just Fair platform, you will have access to relevant, authentic, and timely information about your product and your company, as well as the different processes in your value chain. Just Fair provides you with a solution that is affordable, features fast implementation, ease of use, increase in export, and as a result a rapid return on investment.


How can you know The Just Fair Traceability Platform is the right choice?


Our Platforms are tested and proven. The Just Fair Platform helps food producers manage their production, suppliers, and clients more efficiently. With the Just Fair Traceability Platform, producers and manufacturers will have access to relevant, authentic, and timely information about their product and their company, as well as the different processes in the value/supply chain. We provide our clients with competitive advantages through the added value of traceability.

The information needed to control traceability from the farm to exportation corresponds to the registration of data such as dates of picking, transformation procedures, quantities, areas of production, movements between each step and social projects in the region.

Currently, Just Fair has electronic traceability platforms developed for coffee, cocoa, honey and natural proteins, and we are in the process of developing more platforms for a variety of other products.


The Just Fair Platform consists of 3 elements:

1. A business management and traceability platform
2. A marketing platform
3. A trade portal

Each having a business potential of their own.
The result is a platform that ensures:

– Better management of food production
– Lowering of transaction costs
– Traceability of food products
– Storytelling through visualization of origin


The Just Fair Traceability Platform provides added value for all our clients


Added value For SOUTH companies and cooperatives

  • Access to new markets
  • Better management of food production
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Better cash flow management
  • Better supplier management
  • Full traceability on products
  • Higher unit price


Added value For NORTH companies

  • Access to unique products
  • Full traceability on products
  • Storytelling on products
  • Great marketing opportunities
  • Higher perceived quality for the consumer
  • Higher unit price